miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012

Processing contaminated and/or soft soils

As a result of human activity, the environment suffers degradation, causing threat for soil, water, fauna and human being.

Modern society must face this great challenge, avoiding these effects and preventing their consequences.

ALLU, a Finnish manufacturer who is aware of the environment, has developed different products to process contaminated soils and/or stabilize soft soils.

The ALLU stabilization system includes a PF Pressure Feeder that adds additives into the soil and a PM Power Mix, whose drums mix the material.
ALLU has just incorporated the PFM Pressure Feeder, built on a trailer which allows its transportation.
The ALLU stabilization system can be controlled with the ALLU DAC, which saves data during the project and transfer them into a normal computer, providing an extensive report of the job.

Apart from it, ALLU offers the Screener Crusher Series, a versatile accessory for a wheel loader, excavator or skid steer, more suitable for smaller areas. They mix, screen, crush, stabilize and aerate materials like compost, bark, soil, etc. The ALLU Screener Crusher adds value to the base machine and increases your company’s profits. Furthermore, they can be complemented with the E.P.M., which allows the spreading of binder exactly on the desired location and with the desired volume.

Among of a reliable used equipment stock, Aleximport offers the market’s unique second hand unit of the ALLU PF-7 Pressure Feeder. For further information, please click here.

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